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 The latest FMLA news and industry trends. 

Mercer’s new study shows steady increases in employers who outsource leave administration.

Improving FMLA administration remains the top concern for employers as the usage of leave – continuous and intermittent, as well as ADAAA accommodation requests – continues to increase.


Employee Handbooks: What’s New and Why Does It Matter?

Protect your largest asset (your workforce) and lower your risk exposure. Take the employee handbook off the "I'll get to it when I have time list" and place it on the critical "asset protection" list.


FMLA & PTO: Administration Mistakes to Avoid

While FMLA is conceptually straightforward, administration can become complex, especially when other types of leave entitlements are included in the mix. A technology-aided compliance strategy can help your company avoid costly mistakes.


FMLA Leave for Chronic Health Conditions

When an employee requests FMLA leave for a chronic health condition, take a close look at the certification form completed by the employee’s healthcare provider. Does the provider identify a period of hospitalization or identify recent dates of treatment? If the answer is no, the employee may not qualify for FMLA leave.


Myths About the Burden of Family Leave on Business

Paid family leave is starting to gain traction in the U.S. due to employee demand. And one of the biggest negative beliefs about paid family leave — that it is a burden on business — may not be true.


FMLA Forms Extended Through August 2021

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has announced that its Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) certification forms and notices are valid for three more years, until Aug. 31, 2021. 

Employers can use the DOL official forms or their own customized versions, although doing so can hold the employer liable if language is misleading.

Whether your company uses the DOL's forms or another version, consulting an outside expert to ensure compliance is imperative. 


Managers Are a Leading Cause of Employment Law Violations

Experts state that lack of knowledge regarding the intricacies of FMLA regulations, as well as poor tracking of intermittent leave on the management level, are costing companies in a major way. Proper training and good employee leave management tools are the key to resolving the issue. 


Wegman's: Non-Complaince with FMLA Regulations Leaves Grocery Chain in the Midst of a Lawsuit

The past several years have brought significant change to employee absence management, with non-compliance with new FMLA regulations posing a major financial risk for companies. 

High profile FMLA violation cases brought against OhioHealth, USPS and Wegman's have brought to light the major losses companies can incur, from litigation expenses to monetary payouts. 


The Top FMLA Mistakes that Regularly Trip Up Employers

Compliance with federal FMLA can be daunting but some common mistakes can be avoided. Business Management Daily lists the Top Ten mistakes that employers make.

YourLeave can help your organization navigate the complexities of FMLA administration, providing both cost savings and allowing you more time to focus on your business.


Industry Trend: States Are Starting to Regulate Bereavement Leave Benefits

Currently, only two states in the country require employers to provide bereavement leave to workers. However, the trend seems to indicate that these benefits may begin to reach other states.  

Bloomberg reports that a bill passed in New York on June 19th would expand the state’s existing paid family leave.

As an employer, are you familiar with employee leave legislation in your state? YourLeave can provide you with answers and solutions to compliance processes. 


Evolving FMLA Regulations Pave the Way for Columbus-Based Absence Management Company YourLeave

As the cost of FMLA violations rise, ensuring compliance efficiency and accuracy prove to be wise investments for employers.

Healthcare and claims management industry leaders and YourLeave founders Daniel Sullivan and Richard Kurth are no strangers to the benefits of effective leave management strategies for businesses.

Recognizing an opportunity in the undeserved middle market, YourLeave guides employers through the complexities of FMLA compliance, offering a technology-oriented solution that provides both cost-savings and risk management.


The Importance of Employee Leave to Remaining Competitive in the Global Economy

America's top companies are quickly realizing the importance of paid leave for employees. Attracting and retaining top talent means offering comprehensive benefits-and paid leave is no exception. 

With paid leave, argues Forbes contributor Sheila Marcelo, comes "healthier children and less reliance on public assistance for families, and lower turnover and retention costs for businesses."


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